In November, the County Council is expected to sign a 25-year contract with Mercia Waste Management for a £120 million incinerator at Hartlebury trading estate. As the paper reported recently, there are concerns that the incinerator could end up costing over £1 billion. Less expensive and more environmentally-friendly options for dealing with waste appear not to have been considered. If the County Council decides to sign the contract for the incinerator, it could have a huge impact on services and taxpayers.

I attended a recent (13/09/12) County Council meeting to ask some specific questions concerning the possible costs of the incinerator. They were:

  1. What are the total overall costs of the proposed incinerator including financing, life cycle and maintenance costs?
  2. What has the council agreed as the affordability envelope?  (I.e., the extra costs that would be taken from other budgets).
  3. Has the council risk assessed costs arising from future environmental legislation?

I’m still awaiting their answers.