A belated return to growth does not vindicate austerity

Many believe that the UK’s return to growth vindicates Osborne’s austerity policies. However, the economist Chris Dillow explains how this is; …an example of the outcome bias – the tendency to assess behaviour by results rather than by the quality of that behaviour. The fact that the economy is now growing makes Osborne’s fiscal policy…

What option for councils to prevent cuts to vital services?

With central government forcing the severest of cuts to local government with their continuing austerity programme, it has reached the stage where councils across the country are having to decide how they are to prevent drastic cuts to vital services. According to The Guardian (,  “Ministers are proposing to reduce to 1.5% the amount by…

County Council cuts threaten vital services

Bus routes will be lost, at-home care drastically reduced and scores of services scrapped or downsized in a bid to save £98 million at Worcestershire County Council. Bus subsidies, totalling £3m, will be cut, affecting 88 bus services including the Perdiswell Park and Ride. A further £32m is to be cut from Adult Services and…


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