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If even the man who negotiated the “best” possible Brexit deal doesn’t support it there is only one honest option now: ask the people of the United Kingdom to vote once more.

Well done. Unfortunately I couldn't persuade @worcscc to go carbon neutral by 2040. But with climate science denial within the Tory cabinet that was not surprising!

Worcester Arts Workshop Open Mic afternoon in the bar.

Contact Jack for a slot

This event is being supported by Severn Arts.

When: Sunday 2nd December
Time: 2pm
Cost: Free

This report puts the main causes of bovine TB in black & white: moving cattle and poor biosecurity.

Yet @michaelgove has just expanded his badger extermination programme.

Clearly, abandoning science & blaming badgers is easier than standing up to poor industry practice.

Good to hear the CEO of Ford recognises that building more roads to try and solve congestion is a fallacy. Now if he could please tell every government #BypassesDontWork

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These are the 15 schools in the county that will be losing their school crossing patrols (Lollipop person). The rationale for this cut is supposedly not cost savings as it only costs about £3000 per year per SCP. Rather, it is because central government policy has changed and it is deemed unnecessary duplication to have a SCP if there is zebra or light controlled crossing.

Two of the schools to lose their SCP are in the St Stephen division, St Barnabas and Perdiswell.

I am very concerned about the negative impact this will have. Losing a SCP will reduce safety, even with a crossing in the area. Certainly many parents will perceive it as being less safe. As a result, some will no longer let their children walk or cycle to school and will instead drive them to school. As a result, we will have more cars, more pollution and more unhealthy children. How can this be squared with the council's responsibility for public health?

If a school wants to keep their SCP, then I will do what I can to ensure that they are retained.

This policy change seems completely pointless to me: Tiny amount of money saved; reduction in safety of children; probable increase in pollution. congestion and childhood obesity.

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