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Multi-way temp traffic lights at Barbourne Road #Worcester junction Little London for works by @stwater to remedy potential sewer collapse - expected to last up to 7 days @worcscc @myworcester #WorcestershireHour

I write for @guardian - why is a government minister advertising a commercial product? One that more than a million Europeans have demanded be banned? #glyphosate

Here in #Worcestershire, home to constituencies of Home Sec @sajidjavid and Foreign Office Minister @hbaldwin, a senior @worcscc #Conservative backs #Boris with niqab 'letterbox' jibe, triggering official complaint.

Increase in UK life spans stalling at one of fastest rates among 20 leading economies Austerity means we cannot afford to keep people alive. This was a choice by Osborne and Cameron now having life and death consequences.

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These are the 15 schools in the county that will be losing their school crossing patrols (Lollipop person). The rationale for this cut is supposedly not cost savings as it only costs about £3000 per year per SCP. Rather, it is because central government policy has changed and it is deemed unnecessary duplication to have a SCP if there is zebra or light controlled crossing.

Two of the schools to lose their SCP are in the St Stephen division, St Barnabas and Perdiswell.

I am very concerned about the negative impact this will have. Losing a SCP will reduce safety, even with a crossing in the area. Certainly many parents will perceive it as being less safe. As a result, some will no longer let their children walk or cycle to school and will instead drive them to school. As a result, we will have more cars, more pollution and more unhealthy children. How can this be squared with the council's responsibility for public health?

If a school wants to keep their SCP, then I will do what I can to ensure that they are retained.

This policy change seems completely pointless to me: Tiny amount of money saved; reduction in safety of children; probable increase in pollution. congestion and childhood obesity.

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The zebra crossing planned for Green Lane near St. Barnabas Primary School is due to be installed during August.

This should make this area far safer, especially for children getting to and from the local schools. I also hope that it will promote more walking and cycling to and from school.

I am helping the school with some money from my divisional fund to install a decent cycle shelter. So not only will the children be safer, they will also be healthier!

"A temporary road closure for Green Lane, Worcester for Worcestershire County Council in order to facilitate removal of raised platform for zebra crossing and lay high friction surface for approx. 22 days 30th July – 2nd September 2018."

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