At the County Council meeting next week (14th January) I will be asking the following question:

“Following the agreement made at the recent International Climate Talks in Paris to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, can Councillor Anthony Blagg inform me when Worcestershire County Council will be joining other councils in signing up to the Local Government Association’s Climate Local Initiative?
The Climate Local Initiative ( aims to support councils both to reduce carbon emissions and to increase resilience to a changing climate.”

Although there may be a few councillors who still try to claim that climate change is some kind of hoax, I’m sure that Councillor Blagg, who is the cabinet member responsible for Environment, understands the science of climate change and how important it is to act to mitigate its worst effects.

Really, this is the bare minimum that Worcestershire County Council should be doing, but it is a start. With the recent UK weather breaking nearly all records, some by a huge distance, it is becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to ignore what the science of climate change is telling us. Some will continue to do so, but for political rather than scientific reasons.