The votes have now been counted for the proposed residents’ parking scheme and with almost 61% of residents returning their vote and with over 95% saying yes, I can confirm that the scheme will be going ahead!

There were 742 returns in total, with 709 in support and 33 against. There are about 1220 properties within the area. The table below shows a breakdown of returns per road.

Arboretum Road315754.4
Barry Street223366.7
Chestnut Street435972.9
Chestnut Walk355761.4
East Street305752.6
Flag Meadow Walk417554.7
Lansdowne Road246040.0
Lansdowne Street203066.7
Lansdowne Terrace111957.9
Little Chestnut Street284562.2
Little Southfield Street183060.0
Lowell Street395078.0
Lower Chestnut Street537471.6
Middle Street265151.0
Northfield Street618869.3
Sansome Walk101662.5
Shrubbery Avenue5611250.0
Shrubbery Road325162.7
Southfield Street6211255.4
St Georges Lane North122646.2
Tennis Walk101283.3
Washington Street455778.9
Westbury Street33100.0
White Ladies Walk4666.7
Wolverton Road81080.0
Wood Terrace182962.1

Thank you to everyone who helped to deliver the letters and to knock on doors, often repeatedly, to ensure that we got enough people to vote and to vote yes. We wouldn’t have got so many returns without all your effort.

The next stage of the process will be for the detailed plans to be drawn up. I will be meeting with the council officer shortly to work on the plans. As soon as I have something to show residents I will be looking for as much feedback as possible, to ensure that we get the best scheme possible.

I thought it called for a celebration, now that the RPS has been approved. So I would like to invite anyone who cares to join me for a drink or two at The Chestnut Inn on Tuesday 19th March at 7:30pm. As well as celebrating, it will be a chance for me to thank those who helped out and to discuss aspects of the scheme. I hope to see you on the 19th March. If you have any questions, please get in touch.