We had to stop delivering our (Neil, Marjory and me) newsletter in St Stephen due to the coronavirus, and my newsletter for the Arboretum and Merrimans Hill areas will not be delivered. Therefore, it is important to try and keep residents informed over the coming months as our usual methods of communication via newsletters may not be available for some time. And it will be even longer before we can consider starting door knocking again.

If you live in the St Stephen ward and did not receive the St Stephen newsletter, you can read it here: Download St Stephen newsletter.

The main focus of the newsletter was about the coronavirus epidemic, with useful links to the county council and local Facebook groups.

Some of the other issues covered in the St Stephen newsletter were:

  • Initial funding has been committed to study the options for making improvements along the Rainbow Hill/Astwood Road/Bilford Road corridor. We are pressing for the redesign of the Bilford/Astwood Road junction to be central to the proposed improvements.
  • Dangerous parking, including pavement parking, on Bilford Road near Perdiswell Primary School.
  • Neighbourhood Watch in the Hardy Court and Addison Road area.

The consultation on the proposed residents’ parking scheme covering the Arboretum up to St Georges Lane North finished shortly before the lockdown. The coronavirus epidemic will clearly delay the implementation, but I will try to keep residents updated as much as I can.

I will post more information on my website over the coming weeks.