The responses to the final public consultation on the proposed residents’ parking scheme were predominantly positive and raise no significant matters which have not been considered previously. Some issues were common to several responses, such as parking around junctions, and these will be resolved by implementation of the scheme.

The provision for carer permits, which was raised as a requirement by a resident, has been accepted as a reasonable adjustment to the scheme. The county council acknowledged that this was a need that had not been recognised previously. It can be accommodated without extending the implementation process.

What this means is that the proposed residents’ parking scheme has been approved, with the small change of the inclusion of carer permits.

The officer who has been working on the plans is completing the design of the physical works, e.g., line painting, signage, etc. This is expected to be complete by the end of May. These designs will then go to Ringway, the contractor who will do the painting and install the signs, for costing.

All that remains after that is implementation. Given the number of roads and the parking demand this will not be a simple process, plus with COVID-19 having an impact on how work is carried out, I have not yet got an actual date for work to start. As soon as I have this I will let residents know.

Any questions, please let me know.