A quick update on the plans for the parking scheme covering the Arboretum and up to St. George’s Lane North.

The detailed plans, showing where every single sign, line marking, etc. will be placed has been sent to the contractors Ringway. They have costed the scheme for the county council. Due to the cost I will be using a combination of my councillor highways maintenance budget and divisional fund to contribute to the cost.

Once that is signed off by the county council, then Ringway will order the signs and programme the work into their schedule. I don’t yet have a start date for the implementation of the scheme, but will let people know as soon as I have a confirmed date. The work is expected to take 3 weeks, starting at one end of the scheme and working towards the other end.

Once we get near to this final stage, residents will be able to order parking permits, visitor permits and special permits for carers. Again, I will let people know when and how they can apply.

Any questions, let me know.