I find time the other day to cycle over to Worcestershire Parkway, the new railway station just outside Norton. I was interested to see the secure cycle storage I had hear about. Unfortunately, the secure storage was nothing of the sort. As the pictures show, when the council refer to cycle storage, what they mean is cycle parking. And when they refer to the parking being secure, what they mean is somewhere to chain you bike to.

Ken Pollock on Twitter (22nd June2020): “Please not the new Worcestershire Parkway rail station has secure cycle storage on both sides of the Cross Country railway line.”

Ken Pollock (same thread, after someone posted a picture of the cycle hoops at the rear of the station): “The secure covered bike racks are on the other side of the tracks.”

Major problem being that to get your bike to the covered and slightly more secure racks either you navigate a huge number of steps (no ramp) to cross over the railway lines, or you go back to the road and come via the front entrance (not recommended to the less confident cyclist).

The lack of decent secure cycle storage is just another example of the attitude to cycling that Worcestershire County Council have. Catering for cyclists appears to be an afterthought. No cyclist would have designed the cycle parking in this way. If you look at other railway stations they frequently have cycle parking within the station itself. A far better idea.

Parkway cycle parking

Cycle parking at rear of station

Parkway cycle parking

Cycle parking at front of station

Obviously, if you want to dream of what we could have, how about this: