The purpose of this blog is to express my opinion on various topics of the day, but in particular those relating to the environment and politics, with an eye on how these issues relate to Worcester (Worcestershire), where I live.

Back in May 2009 I decided, for the first time in my life, to join a political party. I’ve always been interested in politics, but never got involved in the nitty-gritty world of party politics.

I’ve been interested in environmental issues since I was about 18 and back in 2006 we spent most of my redundancy money on photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. We now generate most of the electricity that we use.

I got to thinking that although I’ve made a change, this has little impact on the problem of climate change and peak oil. If I could persuade or influence other people to do something similar, then that would have a greater impact.

Whilst I was thinking about this, the state of politics in the country was becoming desperate, what with the various scandals surrounding MPs expenses, plus the questions over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hence, I decided to stop talking about politics and take some action. The Green Party were the obvious choice. I’d voted for them in the past, but it had always seemed a token gesture, as there had seemed little chance of them winning. Recently, this has not been the case and in both European elections and local elections they have had successes.

This blog, however, contains my own views and not those of the Green Party.

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More coverage in today’s @worcesternews by @cbarnettWN https://www.worcesternews.co.uk/news/18647956.worcestershire-county-council-says-wont-give-road-space-cyclists-leak/

"Whether you're looking at the costs of an average kilometre cycled in the city or individual investments or the price of infrastructure, the conclusion should be clear—investments in cycling pay for themselves and more."

Learn more about @TourdeForceNL: https://www.fietsberaad.nl/Tour-de-Force-English/Home


Following the science

Taking the right steps at the right time

None. Of. It. True. https://twitter.com/georgeeaton/status/1293436624517332993

It was never a choice between 'lives' and 'the economy'. It was always a case of choosing to preserve both, by locking down tightly and early; by protecting key workers and care homes'; by developing a decent test and trace system.
On each of those issues, Boris Johnson failed. https://twitter.com/georgeeaton/status/1293494622883282946

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Worcestershire County Council Cabinet members actively preventing the county from receiving money from the government for active travel schemes.
What hope is there to get more people walking and cycling if the Conservative Cabinet put barriers in the way?Worcestershire County Council's coming under heavy criticism for refusing to hand any road space from cars to cyclists despite being handed £135,000.

Cycling groups and fellow Conservatives say it looks like they're "not bothered" about improving provision in the county.

BBC Hereford and Worcester has seen a leaked slide from a County Council presentation, suggesting the authority's leadership has red lines.

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