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Residents’ Parking Scheme

To be kept informed of progress of the proposed residents' parking scheme sign up below.

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Animation: The countries with the largest cumulative CO2 emissions since 1750

Ranking as of the start of 2019:

1) US – 397GtCO2
2) CN – 214Gt
3) fmr USSR – 180
4) DE – 90
5) UK – 77
6) JP – 58
7) IN – 51
8) FR – 37
9) CA – 32
10) PL – 27

"It will not be the people who block roads & bridges that history will judge badly, it is those who shut their eyes. We are going to change what is politically possible so it can become the scientifically necessary" @CarolineLucas introducing @GretaThunberg with standing ovation

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The deadline for returning your vote on the proposed resident parking scheme is Monday 4th March. If you are within the scheme area and have not received a letter please let me know. I have been knocking on doors trying to get people to return their voting slips, and will carry on doing that the rest of this week. Thanks to the local residents who have helped deliver and collect the voting letters, and who will be helping over the next few days to ensure we get as many voted as possible. ...

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If you live in the proposed residents' parking scheme area, covering from St Georges Lane North down to Southfield Street, then you should be receiving your voting letter anytime now. Please make sure you have your say by voting Yes or No (ideally Yes!) and then returning it in the pre-paid envelope. ...

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