Divisional Fund Payments 2013-14

This page provides details of the divisional payments that I made in 2013-14.

5th Worcester Sea Scouts: £1,000

Grant towards a new roof at the 5th Scout HQ hut. The building is used every night of the week during term time, and over many weekends for all Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers groups in the 5th to meet, take part in scouting activities and training.

These experiences give them valuable life skills, confidence and independence contributing to the economic and social well being of their communities. All adults in scouting are volunteers, who receive valuable training, gain new skills themselves, leading to better employability.

ASPIE: £714.51

ASPIE is a social self-help and motivation group for adults with Asperger’s Syndrome (part of the autistic spectrum). Asperger’s is a high anxiety, lifelong condition. ASPIE has 25 to 30 members attending their centre every Wednesday at 26 Sansome Walk, WR1 1LX.  They work tirelessly in promoting ASPIE and raising awareness and understanding of Asperger’s but their resources are small.

A colour printer would help them to prepare cost effective but attractive promotional leaflets, brochures, letters, posters etc., to distribute to potential members, libraries, GPs and community centres. A display board would be a boon for VSO events they attend. These items will enable them to reach out to the many more adults with Asperger’s (and their families).

Green Hill Lodge Children’s Home: £1,000

Our 4 children with Autism and Challenging Behaviour would greatly benefit from a Sensory Garden.

A sensory garden encourages children with autism to utilise their senses as well as providing tactile opportunities. These gardens appeal to all the senses: smell, sight, taste, hearing and touch.  Children with autism can become overwhelmed with movement, strong smells and different textures, tastes and sights making sensory exploration very important to their development. They may feel high levels of stress and sensory gardens may help with relaxation and provide a wonderful play environment to allow the children to express themselves.

Pitt Studio: £1,400

The Divisional fund is needed to support a programme of visual art, performance and community exhibitions and talks in a new location within St. Stephen. The gallery already has workshop space and has acquired a new space in the empty Old Library space. This funding will enable new activities in this space. The gallery will act as a meeting place, a place to enjoy art events and learn more about the subject.

Vamos Theatre: £2,000

This fund will support Vamos Young People’s Theatre in their yearly provision of youth theatre for Worcester 14-24 year olds. The weekly sessions will culminate in a touring production, “The Projectionist” performing to feeder schools for and at Bishop Perowne High School as an exciting transitional project. The youth theatre also provides an ambassadors scheme and apprentice scheme that helps young adults gain professional experience in the work place.

Worcester Baptist Church: £300

Worcester Baptist Church is hosting an Arboretum Big lunch on June 1st 2014 – it is a national initiative to bring together neighbours and families in a social setting there will be a free lunch and free children’s activities and entertainment in the form of a vibrant choir.  It is our desire to create a happy family event where people can get to know their neighbours and generally have fun together to dispel and break down social barriers that sometimes exists.  This will be the third Big Lunch we are hosting and they have all been very successful. This can only be a positive event which draws local people together.

Worcester Canal Group: £750

The group’s main aim is to improve the amenity value of the canal environs for the benefit of the local community and visitors.

Fundraising is taking place to support a joint project with The Arboretum Residents Association. This will involve the reinstatement of seating canal side, the planting and establishment of a wild flower meadow etc. The cost of the project is estimated at over £2000.00 and is beyond the means of the two groups. Support / match funding is therefore sought from this divisional fund.

Worcester Operatic & Dramatic Society: £600

The grant would assist the Society to replace its ‘Technics’ electronic piano, which is used several times a week in support of singing and dance rehearsals for its Youth Group (WODYS) and the adult section. The Youth Group of up to 65 youngsters, meets every Saturday and some Sundays during school term time. In addition up to 35 adults meet every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, all in preparation for the Society’s musical productions, which are staged three times a year at the Swan Theatre.

The piano which is now almost 15 years old has served WODS well, but is now prone to faults for which the spares are now in very short supply.

Transition Worcester Orchard Workers: £500

We propose to double our capacity for juicing by purchasing another press & mill, so as to give City-wide cover on weekends and demo’s to local schools during the week, also lending out our equipment to Organised Juicing Events. To both consolidate & centralise our store, we require to purchase a suitable secure shed. At the moment we have equipment dotted over Worcester, so it’s not conducive to Transition aims to reduce our Carbon foot print.

Worcester Roots Foundation: £960

Roots is a youth volunteering charity whose aim it is to involve 16-25 year olds in environmental and sustainability-focused projects, gaining them skills and assisting them to become productive members of their communities.

The money will be used to raise awareness of sustainability and environmental issues to help local residents’ to make more informed decisions and promote sustainable thinking, to reinforce the concept of environmentally friendly and sustainable thinking in schools and to develop the skills of young people and improve their employability.

Worcester Volunteer Centre: £1000

A short programme of specific outreach activity to promote volunteering to the residents of St. Stephen’ ward and to support individuals into suitable volunteering placements.

The funding will support promotional material, venue and travel costs, volunteer expenses and is a pilot project to see if this kind of targeted promotion can help to raise the profile of volunteering in a community.

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"Whether you're looking at the costs of an average kilometre cycled in the city or individual investments or the price of infrastructure, the conclusion should be clear—investments in cycling pay for themselves and more."

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Worcestershire County Council Cabinet members actively preventing the county from receiving money from the government for active travel schemes.
What hope is there to get more people walking and cycling if the Conservative Cabinet put barriers in the way?Worcestershire County Council's coming under heavy criticism for refusing to hand any road space from cars to cyclists despite being handed £135,000.

Cycling groups and fellow Conservatives say it looks like they're "not bothered" about improving provision in the county.

BBC Hereford and Worcester has seen a leaked slide from a County Council presentation, suggesting the authority's leadership has red lines.

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