Divisional Fund Payments 2014-15

This page provides details of the divisional payments that I made in 2014-15.

The Monday Night Club: £1,000

The Monday Night Club provides a much-needed social meeting place for adults with learning disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders in the centre of Worcester. They meet every Monday night throughout the year and provide inclusive fun activities such as discos, parties, sports and games, BBQs, talent shows, dance competitions and arrange outings.

Over 100 adults with learning disabilities now attend on a regular basis. They were trying to raise funds to buy their own disco equipment.

Asha Women’s Centre: £500

Asha Women’s Centre provides services to women with multiple complex needs, across Worcestershire, including the St Stephen division. The support provided at Asha empowers women to make positive changes in their lives. This impacts not only on the women’s lives but can significantly improve the lives of their children and ultimately the wider community.

This money was used to provide a laptop computer for their Information Manager. It is used to monitor the progress of women in service and collate information about outcomes achieved.

ASPIE: £500

ASPIE is a charity dedicating to providing emotional and practical support by encouraging and motivating our members, adults with Asperger’s Syndrome, to maximize their potential, to value themselves and in turn become contributing members of society.

One of our most popular rooms is downstairs where members get together to chat and catch up, also where we eat together and hold quizzes etc.  It is warm and comfortable but the carpet we inherited is old and shabby with a large hole currently taped up for safety – not ideal.

We aim to hire out our rooms to bring in additional income to help with the rent (our members need the security of a constant venue) and this meeting room is hired out weekly.  This money went towards the cost of a new heavy duty stain resistant carpet.

Worcester Roots Foundation: £1,400

Worcester Roots Foundation (WRF) is an environmental Charity led for and by Young People in Worcester. They have various projects which aim to enthuse people about sustainability in different ways.

WRF has grown considerably in the last year or so, thanks in part to a hugely enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer steering group, a HLF grant, and the support of the local community. Due to the increased work load they noticed that they had IT equipment which needed replacing, or items which would make their charity run smoother and more efficiently.

Clik Clik Collective: £640

The project attempted to recreate the history of the Old Vinegar Works using on street performances and props, combining the talents of local artists and performers of all ages, from youth groups to individual artists in Worcestershire.

They needed financial support to provide great props and costumes.

Worcester Volunteer Centre: £1,500

The WVC were keen to link with Worcestershire County Council’s programme for digital inclusion and wanted to offer the opportunity for individuals to call into their office, where trained volunteers can help people use the internet and access services.

The purchase of a PC and a printer, plus recruiting & training volunteers in supporting people to access the internet, and appropriate services, to enable them to remain independent.

5th Worcester Sea Scouts: £1,000

The funding will support the work of the 5th Worcester Sea Scout Group of 150 children and young people age 6 – 18.

We are an organisation that strives to give young people the knowledge, skills, and life lessons to help them mature and succeed as they become adults.  We offer a variety of benefits, including friendship, learning, leadership opportunities; and the opportunity to grow and thrive in a healthy, rewarding environment.

Transition Worcester: £500

Transition Worcester wanted to create a teaching and display garden with workshops and courses, also a gardening club to introduce as many people as possible to fruit and vegetable gardening. Also, to encourage good local food and an open-air lifestyle.
They needed:

  1. topsoil, horse manure and soil improver
  2. provide rainwater capture and storage systems
  3. plant 40 cordon apple trees with posts and wires for support
  4. beekeeping demonstration area with fencing etc.
  5. lightweight grow beds at waist height in our polytunnel

Sight Concern Worcestershire: £480

Sight Concern needs funds to pay for finding volunteers, their training, for their insurance, information, materials and expenses.  Volunteer work needs to be coordinated and effective so that help reaches those that need it most.

Funding provided support and materials for volunteers working for people suffering from severe sight loss across Worcester.  Volunteers that undertake transformational home visits or who help to provide a welcoming and stimulating environment at our Sansome Walk Centre.  Volunteers that provide advice and share experiences with those facing life changing diagnosis about their sight and volunteers that make day to day living more bearable.

Engage Life (Care of Worcester Volunteer Centre): £577

Engage Life helps adults with mental health problems and adults with learning disabilities to move forward in their lives in a self-empowering way, reaching their full potential.  Teaching them new skills and building upon their self-esteem to make positive life changes.

With this new organisation the group will produce quality craft items which will be taken to the open market and sold. All items will be carefully designed so that every member will be able to be involved in some way with the production of the items. New skills of running a small social enterprise will be learnt and clients will be able to be involved, to the level they feel is appropriate to themselves.

Phone line and broadband set up and rental for a year.

Worcestershire Early Music: £300

WEM presents a programme of Early Music in care Homes where the residents are engaged and involved through singing and listening activities; the residents’ delight and obvious enjoyment of music from their own past contributes to their sense of well being, and is important in the reduction of stress and anxiety caused by short term memory loss or dementia.

We have undertaken interactive music sessions at St Stephen’s care home. They were so pleased to hear what we had to offer they booked us again immediately! The residents obviously enjoyed singing along to songs they knew, and they enjoyed listening to things we played on flute/recorder and guitar.

Perdiswell Young People’s Leisure Club: £1,000

To provide sessional youth support workers to supervise the health and safety of young people using the purpose built Skate Park and to offer advice and positive activities to disadvantaged young people in Worcester City and the St Stephen’s Ward who use the facility.  This will help divert young people becoming involved with anti social behaviour.

Young people will develop their confidence and self-esteem.

Transition Worcester: £250

Funding for the Transition Worcester Waste Poster – printing costs.

The Waste Poster aims to promote good environmental stewardship – through encouraging the public to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle – rather than simply sending to landfill. It provides a directory of organisations that will resell, repair or recycle items/materials. It benefits residents local to the St Stephen ward, providing them with additional choices for recycling and reuse. Reduced land-fill also reduces the amount of money spent on land-fill tax.

Worcester Baptist Church: £300

Worcester Baptist Church is hosting an Arboretum Big lunch on May 31st 2015 – it is a national initiative to bring together neighbours and families in a social setting there will be a free lunch and free children’s activities and entertainment in the form of a vibrant choir.

It is our desire to create a happy family event where people can get to know their neighbours and generally have fun together to dispel and break down social barriers that sometimes exists.  This will be the fourth Big Lunch we are hosting and they have all been very successful. This can only be a positive event which draws local people together.