Resident Parking Scheme

Initial plans for three separate resident parking schemes have been combined into one scheme, as shown by the image on the right. Initially we were considering an RPS scheme in the Arboretum, a scheme for Tennis Walk, Chestnut Walk and the bottom of Lansdowne Road, and a scheme for Shrubbery Road and part of Flag Meadow Walk and St George’s Lane North.

However, by combining these schemes into a single one, it enables a wider area to be included. One of the problems often caused by RPS’s that are done on a street-by-street basis is that parking problems are pushed onto those streets just outside a scheme. Hopefully, this larger plan will lessen this impact. It should also speed up the process of implementing the scheme.

The following meeting have been arranged to allow residents to ask questions about the plans, about the process of implementing the RPS and about how it operates once it is in place.

  • Monday 10th December, 7:30pm, Worcester Baptist Church, Main Hall.
  • Tuesday 11th December, 7:30pm, St George’s Church, St George’s Square, Magdalene Room.

It is important to note that a scheme will only be implemented if there is sufficient support for it. Whether you have a car or not, whether you have off road parking or not, it is important that you engage with the process and have your say.

Probably in January, letters will be posted to all residences in the affected areas. This letter will explain the proposals and will include a voting slip asking whether you support the proposals or not. In order to be successful, there must be a minimum return of 50%, and of those who return their vote their needs to be 80% support.

I am compiling a list of frequently asked questions below, but if there is a question missing please ask me

Please note that this is a draft plan subject to changes and also that it does not show all the detail of any exclusions from the scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much would parking permits cost?
  • First permit £30
  • Second permit £40
  • Third permit £60
  • Duplicate(lost) £5
How many permits are allowed per household?

3 permits per household.

Can a visitor park their car within the scheme area?

Yes. Visitor scratch permits are available. They cost from £5 for ten cards (each card contains 4 permits).

When will the scheme be implemented?

If there is sufficient support in the ballot early next year, then it will probably be implemented in Autumn 2019. This is a lengthy process as, by law, there must be consultation with bodies such as the police, before a full public consultation.