Coronavirus: How to help your community

The coronavirus (Covid-19) is having a big impact on people. Of particular concern are those that have to self-isolate. By working together we can all help the most vulnerable in our community.

If you wish to help those self-isolating on your street, but are not sure who needs help, you can print off the card pictured and use it to get in touch with your neighbours. If you need some cards printing, just let me know and I can print some for you and drop them round.

If you are on Facebook there are a couple of groups that are supplying useful information, where people are offering support and also where you can ask for help:

If there are neighbours who you know that are self-isolating, please see if they need any help with food shopping or just someone to talk to.

Always remember to maintain good hygiene and keep a safe distance to avoid spreading any germs.

Download the self-isolating calling card.

Community Response Campaign

Worcestershire County Council are developing a coronavirus community response campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to inform and to encourage people and communities about how they can help others during these current challenging times.

In coming days the county council will be promoting these messages across all of their networks and channels and with the help of their partners.

They will be developing more materials and showcasing them at WCC buildings, through our schools, in GP surgeries and via our Parish Councils.

We want these messages to go as far and as wide as possible so please share these with your local contacts and on your social media channels.

Link here for more information:

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A 13-year study of a dozen cities found that protected bike-lanes led to a drastic decline in fatalities for ALL users of the road. As for painted bike-lanes? No safety improvement at all. And for sharrows, it’s safer to NOT have them. Via @StreetsblogUSA

Arboretum resident? Your own residents parking scheme is starting soon, making it easier for you to park closer to your home. Look out for a leaflet coming through your letterbox with info on how to get your parking permit @WorcsTravel @worcscc

Residents Parking Scheme starts on 1st October

🔔Alarm bells couldn’t be louder🔔
Nature is in free-fall

New @WWF #LivingPlanetReport shows heartbreaking & horrifying truth of wildlife populations plummeting by 68% in less than 50 years

What more evidence do we need before urgent action is taken?

Life in 2020 imitating eerie cyber-punk cinema — presenting Blade Runner 2020, starring real drone views of wildfire-affected San Francisco put to Bladerunner 2049 music. We CAN’T let ourselves get used to this. Via @Bunny_Godfather #wildfires

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The Arboretum residents parking scheme comes into force on 1st October 2020. If you live within the parking scheme boundary, you should receive a leaflet from the city council about how to purchase permits.

I have added information on my website, including a PDF version of the leaflet, which hopefully will provide all the information you need to order a permit.


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Worcestershire County Council Cabinet members actively preventing the county from receiving money from the government for active travel schemes.
What hope is there to get more people walking and cycling if the Conservative Cabinet put barriers in the way?Worcestershire County Council's coming under heavy criticism for refusing to hand any road space from cars to cyclists despite being handed £135,000.

Cycling groups and fellow Conservatives say it looks like they're "not bothered" about improving provision in the county.

BBC Hereford and Worcester has seen a leaked slide from a County Council presentation, suggesting the authority's leadership has red lines.

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