Coronavirus: How to help your community

The coronavirus (Covid-19) is having a big impact on people. Of particular concern are those that have to self-isolate. By working together we can all help the most vulnerable in our community.

If you wish to help those self-isolating on your street, but are not sure who needs help, you can print off the card pictured and use it to get in touch with your neighbours. If you need some cards printing, just let me know and I can print some for you and drop them round.

If you are on Facebook there are a couple of groups that are supplying useful information, where people are offering support and also where you can ask for help:

If there are neighbours who you know that are self-isolating, please see if they need any help with food shopping or just someone to talk to.

Always remember to maintain good hygiene and keep a safe distance to avoid spreading any germs.

Download the self-isolating calling card.

Community Response Campaign

Worcestershire County Council are developing a coronavirus community response campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to inform and to encourage people and communities about how they can help others during these current challenging times.

In coming days the county council will be promoting these messages across all of their networks and channels and with the help of their partners.

They will be developing more materials and showcasing them at WCC buildings, through our schools, in GP surgeries and via our Parish Councils.

We want these messages to go as far and as wide as possible so please share these with your local contacts and on your social media channels.

Link here for more information:

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Shocked to hear that children in England who become eligible for free school meals after the summer holidays have begun will miss out on the voucher scheme

We know malnutrition amongst children is on the rise - this policy must change #Right2Food

This is a massive scandal, perhaps the biggest so far under this government.
The secret, under-the-counter contracts given to really weird companies to deliver PPE and other pandemic services.
It needs more exposure.
Please RT and circulate. Thanks.

More information about Active Travel – Phase 2 can be found on the @BikeWorcester website here:
Please contact Bike Worcester with ideas for schemes, so that they can pass these onto the county council.

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Residents' Parking Scheme update:
A quick update on the plans for the parking scheme covering the Arboretum and up to St. George's Lane North. The detailed plans, showing where every single sign, line marking, etc. will be placed has been sent to the contractors Ringway. They have costed the scheme for the county council. Due to the cost I will be using a combination of my councillor highways maintenance budget and divisional fund to contribute to the cost.
Once that is signed off by the county council, then Ringway will order the signs and programme the work into their schedule. I don't yet have a start date for the implementation of the scheme, but will let people know as soon as I have a confirmed date. The work is expected to take 3 weeks, starting at one end of the scheme and working towards the other end.
Once we get near to this final stage, residents will be able to order parking permits, visitor permits and special permits for carers. Again, I will let people know when and how they can apply.
Any questions, let me know.

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