Update: The motion I put forward last month when all Conservative councillors voted it down. You can view the council debate via the webcast here, with me starting the debate at 2h 59mins into the video.

I will be proposing the motion below to full council this coming Thursday. Hopefully it will receive cross-party support.

The International Panel on Climate Change has recently made clear the scale of the emergency facing us all, and the scale of change required to prevent or reduce the harm to humanity and the planetary systems we rely on. The world needs to be carbon neutral by 2050.

At every level of government proactive steps need to be developed to rapidly reduce carbon emissions, whether produced directly or indirectly.

In order to facilitate the most rapid change possible, this Council:

  1. agrees to establish a permanent Carbon Scrutiny Committee of members, with the remit to recommend actions and challenging targets across the Council’s activities; and
  2. requests that Cabinet:
    • Requires all report risk assessments to include Carbon Emission Appraisals, including presenting alternative approaches which reduce emissions wherever possible
    • Tasks a director-level ‘Carbon Champion’ officer with responsibility for promoting the reduction of carbon emissions resulting from the Council’s activities
    • Increases our current targets for CO2 reductions and increase our implementation of renewable energy to ensure that the Council is carbon neutral by 2040
    • Works with partners to ensure that the county is carbon neutral by 2050 at the latest.