I cannot believe what a state the country is in. Over three years ago we had a referendum where a majority voted to leave the EU. This was an advisory referendum, but was treated by many, including the then Prime Minister, David Cameron, as binding. The leave campaign has since been found guilty of braking electoral rules. If the referendum was actually binding, then the result would have been cancelled for this breaking of the law, but because it wasn’t actually binding (David Cameron lied about that) the result could not be annulled. The main people involved in the leave campaign were the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and his special adviser, Dominic Cummings.

Back to the here and now, and we have the Prime Minister shutting down parliament for as long as he possibly can in order to prevent any attempts to prevent a no deal Brexit. Many supporters of Brexit say that no deal is exactly what they wanted and they support this action. This despite the fact that throughout the referendum campaign the leave side constantly spoke of getting a deal and how we could be like Norway or Switzerland.

We’ve had nearly 40 years of the right-wing press blaming immigrants and the EU for nearly all our problems. One of the best at making up anti-EU stories was a certain Daily Telegraph journalist called Boris Johnson. We then held a referendum after years of austerity, with the resulting loss of jobs and services being blamed on immigrants, the EU and, in addition, the previous Labour government. So, maybe it wasn’t so surprising that, coupled with the law breaking and dodgy use of social media, the leave campaign won. Cunningly, they never actually mentioned what version of Brexit people were voting for. This was because they discovered that any specific version of Brexit, soft, hard or whatever, was less popular than remaining in the EU. This was why Theresa May’s version was voted down.

So, we are now looking at crashing out of the EU with no deal at the end of October. EU citizens in this country and UK citizens in the EU face huge uncertainty. We will all lose our rights and freedoms that are part of belonging to the EU. The Northern Irish border will once again become a source of tension – something I do not want to go back to and remember well from my younger days. We will be much poorer as a country, with a high chance of major job losses. There will be huge disruption with goods travelling to and from our country, in particular vital medicines. The latter will almost certainly result in people dying.

However, supposedly all that is fine because we are getting back control, as they say. Though, as parliament is about to be suspended, our main way of having control, through our elected representatives, will be taken away. What a mess! We can’t just let this happen. Protests have begun. We need to stop this attack on our democracy.